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Ghana Votes

Why You Should Vote, and For Whom You Should Vote

Ghana votes… and in less than 24 hours, eligible Ghanaians will be lining up at polls across the country to cast their votes, through which they decide who governs them in the next four years. This is what the democratic system, which most of us opened our eyes in, implies. This piece highlights why you […]

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What Matters… When You Make Your Choice to Support or Oppose

I care, not for whom you vote, but for how you concluded to vote for him or her

It’s elections week in our beloved country, Ghana. Everyone is on his toes. As much as everyone is excited about the elections, we are tightly praying for a positive outcome. Above all that, we are praying that peace continues to prevail and that unity remains one of the key marks that symbolize and represent Ghana. I […]

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10 Lessons From The 2016 US Elections

It Was a Shocking But a Historical Occurrence

It was the US elections fever for Americans and for the world at large. The elections are over. Although many are still shocked by the outcome, I remain unsurprised, for I predicted the outcome to be exact as it occurred. Whether or not we are surprised and shocked, whether or not we accept the outcome, […]

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Izzou, My Dear Son…

I Wish I am There to See You Off...

Izzou, My Dear Son, Assalāmu ‘alaykum warahmatullāh, My prayers are that you read this message in īmān and good health. Tomorrow, you will be going for the first school camping in your life. Although it is going to last for only three days and two nights, you will find it as long as a month, if […]

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