1BabaSalam Website Launched!

Peace be upon you!


I’m pleased to announce to my friends, readers, and others about my new website, 1BabaSalam.com.

This website replaces my GSalamWriter.com which was launched on 8/8/2012, 1830 Hrs. 1BabaSalam.com started on 7/8/2016. Unlike GSalamWriter.com which was basically to pen down my thoughts and opinions that I find inappropriate to be posted on GSalam.Net, 1BabaSalam.com comes to serve as a resourceful self-help website to help readers and visitors real their potential and be more productive individuals.

1BabaSalam will still continue to share some of my opinions, which were supposed to be on GSalamWriter.com.

It’s worth emphasizing that 1BabaSalam.com replaces GSalamWriter.com, but it doesn’t replace GSalam.Net. It rather supplements it. Thus, together, GSalam.Net and 1BabaSalam.com, you have two full websites which complete each other holistically.

I would like very much to hear from you. Feel free to speak your mind. I promise to listen to you; with attention.

Thank you.

Baba Salam is a lifelong seeker of knowledge, a writer and blogger. He writes here at 1BabaSalam.com. He's also the man behind GSalam.Net. He's also the founder of TVQ.Academy. You can find him on Twitter @1babasalam, Facebook @1BabaSalam, and Instagram @1BabaSalam.