10 Lessons From The 2016 US Elections

It Was a Shocking But a Historical Occurrence

It was the US elections fever for Americans and for the world at large. The elections are over. Although many are still shocked by the outcome, I remain unsurprised, for I predicted the outcome to be exact as it occurred.

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Whether or not we are surprised and shocked, whether or not we accept the outcome, and whether or not there was any conspiracy involved, there are many lessons in any occurrence. This article highlights 10 lessons we can learn from the 2016 US elections.

#1: The End Time is Nearer

I believe voters who opted for Trump are aware of his character and manners. They know, in a way or another, his track record. Whether they voted him, out of conviction or out of ignorance, Trump’s presidency is set to be unique in nature. Whether this uniqueness is going to be for good or bad, only time will tell.

The man serves as the first US President ever, with zero experience in governance, politics, military or diplomatic portfolio. No doubt, he is a successful business tycoon. But success in business is not an indication of any possible success in governing a nation. Other than his business success, which he inherited from his late father, Trump’s life record is full of failures and disappointments.

Mr Trump himself has made confessions. People who know him, first hand, have made statements regarding him. In fact, his real enemies and opportunity enemies have also made accusations against him. All conclude that the man is not an ideal person to be a leader for an organization, let alone a president for a country in the weight of the US!

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and salutations be upon him, did inform us about some of the signs of the hour (end time), among which is that people will be ruled by the worst among them.

We live in a time when the best among us find it difficult to succeed in governing our affairs. I wonder what happens when the ruler is the worst among us.

#2: Democracy is Proven to be a Big Failure

We have seen the Egyptian people rejecting the outcome of their own choice of leadership of Mohamed Morsi, which was done through the ballot. We have also seen the British gone insane after they, themselves, voted in favour of Brexit. Now, we are seeing anti-Trump demonstrators taking to the streets in several cities across US. In fact, there are reports which imply that some are calling for California to exit (Calexit) from the US.

All this while, we have been told in the so-called third-world, that the results of the ballot should be respected and accepted wholeheartedly. We were not told we should protest against the outcome of the ballot unless it’s rigged.

Now we see our masters and teachers in democracy, the civilized citizens of the West take to the streets in protest against the outcome of a democratic process. It seems democracy is applauded only when it serves our needs. Surprisingly, the anti-Trump protestors are democrats (supporters of the Democratic Party) who have decided to reject democracy.

I find no differences between this backwardness –preaching democracy while rejecting its implications and dictatorship. Dictatorship is even better, for public money is not wasted to laugh at the people in the end.

Additionally, it’s through this democratic system that both Clinton and Trump emerged. To me, both are equal in evil. While Trump has his record of racism and bigotry, hate, sexual harassment, employee abuse, Clinton has a record of telling lies, bombing and killing children and innocent lives in many countries around the world, especially in the Muslim world. Democracy has failed to come out with the right person to lead the US. Perhaps, this explains why only 56.6 of eligible voters turned up at the 2016 US elections.

The lesson is, democracy does not provide you with the best of leaders. It rather gives you wolves who have the ability to manipulate, cheat, mislead and enslave. In the best situations, these leaders serve only the interests of their countries. And their personal interest, in the worst situations. All at the expense of humanity.

#3: The Hypocrisy of the Media is Once Again Exposed

To my reach, other than Fox News and Russia Today (RT), the majority of the media establishment, if not the rest, were anti-Trump. They were all out against Trump.

CNN had hidden nothing to show its favouritism for Hillary. Same did the New York Times, the BBC and Aljazeera, to mention a few.

This emphasizes, that the media does not present what is necessarily good for you as a viewer or reader. Instead, it beautifies for you the ugly and uglifies that, with which it’s in a disagreement.

This is needless to say, the media openly supported Mrs Clinton. But had it known Mr Trump would win, its tone would have sounded totally different. Beware of the media!

#4: Political Predictors Got It All Wrong this Time

Whether in support or in taking neutral stand, most political analysts, if not all, concluded that Clinton will win over Trump, hands down.

Perhaps, this opinion had contributed in creating false hope in the Clinton camp. It also created a wrong impression to the public that Trump is going nowhere.

The world has emerged to be very insecure because of wrong analyses made by political experts and others. We shouldn’t depend on analysis too much. Let the outcome of the 2016 US elections serve as a good evidence that we can be misled.

Similar to the media, while Donald Trump maintained a steady lead over Hillary Clinton in the counting process, political analysists hardly stated so. They kept sending false hopes in the Clinton camp.

#5: Celebrities Can Only Lead You Astray

It’s unfortunate that we live a time and era, when we heavily, if not entirely, emulate the lifestyle of celebrities. Most of these celebrities have serious family, social and moral problems. What is more unfortunate is that we either don’t know or choose to ignore the fact that fame is not equal to righteousness or wisdom.

Many celebrities are made, to engage and distract you from doing what matters for you, in your life and the next life.

A significant number of American celebrities had openly called for support for Hillary. Considering you fell for Hillary in response to a call by a celebrity, you should now be in sorrow, disappointment and possible failure. You’ve failed, as far as the 2016 US elections is concerned.

If you substitute this election with your lifestyle, which is also likely an emulation from a celebrity’s, then it’s alarming, and you should rethink your decision regarding this.

The lesson is, celebrities have their personal interests to serve. They are not good role models to emulate, neither in your religious affairs nor in your worldly affairs. This is simply because religious affairs and worldly affairs come hand in hand. They can’t be separated if we want the world to be a good place to live.

#6: Polls Don’t Always Tell You the Truth

Most polls around the world kept showing Hillary ahead of Trump. Who could believe they were lying all this while? Who could believe they were playing a psychological game against the poor American voter?

Assuming the polls were not manipulated, where did Trump get his votes from? Of course, voters didn’t descend from Mars! Did they?

The lesson here is that polls’ results can be accurate if it’s transparent and was conducted properly. But the truth is, it can also be manipulated to serve the desire of a certain group. Thus, don’t just buy an idea, simply because polls figures accept it or reject it. The least you should do is to verify and then follow your (righteous) instinct.

#7: Even With Hard Work, Humility Must Be Maintained

Donald Trump, known for all his ‘evil attitudes’ was taken for granted. A word about him from a democrat or its sympathizer would sound superior. In addition to the backing of the media establishment, and the sugarcoating of political analysts, the Clinton camp developed a high level of overconfidence.

That rendered many of them arrogant. And once you are taken by arrogance, you lose your sense.

Hillary being the first female presidential candidate had made the democrats, feminists and their sympathizers, to look down at Trump and his camp. We don’t belittle a stupid person because we want to correct him.

Self-confidence is essential in winning a competition. But, too much of it leads to a shocking loss. I think, this is what has happened to the Clinton camp.

#8: Victory is Not an Inheritance

Even if you are the best, as long as you’re competing, don’t claim victory until you’ve been declared as one.

Victory is no one’s own. It can’t be taken for granted. Therefore, until the last vote or marks are counted, a competitor must keep a low profile.

When you take a victory for granted, that’s why you can’t recollect, be real and embrace the truth, when you fail or lose. This is explained by the hysterical anti-Trump demonstrations, by some thousands of grieving Clinton supporters.

The lesson here is, when you choose to compete with any one, never underestimate or belittle their chance of winning. For winning is based on luck (divine intervention) more than your human ability. This is no matter how stupid or incapable you perceive him to be.

#9: Donald Trump Has Proven to a Successful Businessman

One of the major lessons we can learn from the 2016 US elections is that Donald Trump is a successful businessman. This is regardless, whether his means to that success is right[eous] or evil. It doesn’t matter whether or not we agree with him.

He was smarter than his opponents. He understood the American individual. He knew his plight and fears. He also knew what he (the ordinary American) talks about in closed doors. Trump used just that to tell Americans what they wanted to hear.

He had the guts to talk in the way even some of his supporters would lack the courage to do publicly. In fact they will be ashamed of themselves to talk that way. But, that’s how they feel. Since the man speaks the language of their inner selves, they bought his message, but couldn’t appreciate it openly. Yes, they shunned him publicly but chose him in the ballots.

This is what Trump wanted. To be chosen to the White House.  And he played the game very smartly.

To tell you the truth, I only heard of Trump the day he announced his intention to run for the race to the White House. I believe many around the world also knew him only then. But since then, the man has managed to gain the attention of the world. Eventually, people listened to him, more than they listened to any of the presidential candidates who contested for the 2016 US elections. This is despite the media establishment being against him!

In the end, a link that leads to Trump’s plan to ban Muslims into the US disappeared from his website, immediately after he was declared as the president-elect. In the end, Trump sounded totally differently in his victory speech.

Whether we agree or not, and whether we like him/it or not, Donald Trump is smart. He knows how to get what he wants.

#10: Now, It’s Either Trump is Right or We Are Fools

Previous American leaders knew how to speak a politically correct language. They also knew how to play tactful games. In other words, they knew how to fool the rest of the world in a smart way. Therefore, the world had no reason not to deal with them.

Donald Trump is clear about his thoughts. He’s clear about his enemies. He’s clear about who he wants to throw out of the US or whom he wants to welcome. Perhaps, every one of us knows his position in the eyes of Trump.

Let’s take the courage to oppose and reject him, just like we rejected him when we thought he could never be a president.

Now that he’s the President, it’s either we continue to oppose him, or we should declare ourselves to be fools who will be willingly submissive as tools in the hands of Trump and his administration. Americans are putting their differences aside to take their country forward. Are we ready to put our differences aside and take our countries forward? Or are we going to divide further, in order to attain Trump’s blessings?


Mr Donald Trump has won the race to the White House, at the expense of Mrs Hillary Clinton. He did not only win to become the President of the United States, but his Republican Party has also won the US Senate and the US House, big that they are going to control all the three branches of policy making in the US. Perhaps, this could have been avoided, if the campaign was real, and honesty and dignity were observed during the trail.

For us, citizens of the so-called third world countries, who emulate everything from the West, the US in particular, it’s time we rethink our choices in life. It’s time we reconsider our role models. Those we perceive as leaders, role models, advanced and civilized are not really what we perceive them.

This opinion article did not intend to discuss whether or not a conspiracy is involved in the 2016 US elections. It rather discussed the lessons we can learn from the whole episode of the 2016 US elections.

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