7 Reasons You Should Start Writing

If you have an idea that is worth sharing on Facebook or Twitter, then it means you most likely have a message that is worth sending across. If you have a message that is worth sending across, then it’s worth writing about.

7 Reasons You Should Start Writing

I know some very active people on social media, who share brilliant ideas that are worth to be documented, not only for the benefit of the people of their time, but for generations to come and for their souls to truly rest in peace after they depart from this world. Unfortunately, they either choose to keep these brilliant ideas of theirs to themselves, or they only post them on the microblogs, that renders them outdated after a few hours.

Some others also have similarly brilliant ideas, and they don’t post about them on Facebook or Twitter. Instead, they use them to engage in endless and fruitless debates online. In the end, such brilliant ideas earn them enemies and present them as arrogant individuals.

Either you belong to the first group or the other, this article presents to you seven reasons you should start writing and optimizing your thoughts and opinions for the benefit of a broader audience and multiple generations.

The first reason you should seriously consider and start writing is that it trains you to think with clarity and beyond your basic thinking limit.

#1: Writing Maintains the Physical and Mental Fitness of Your Brain

Naturally, human being is a thinking creature. Whether consciously or subconsciously. However, the thinking process is optimized, when it’s purposeful. Thinking becomes purposeful when it aims to suggest solutions to existing problem or it seeks to propose creative ideas for innovation, development and progress for the human life.

Think about brainstorming. Think about problem solving. Think about suggesting solutions to complex issues. You might have never thought of the ideas you generate, but because you need them at a point in time, they flow uncontrollably.

In other words, you can’t write without ideas. Ideas are generated. And to generate them, you must think, observe, socialize and engage in other activities.

The moment you sit down to write, that’s where and when your mind switches from an inactive mode to a ‘thinking’ (an active) mode, for more ideas to flow in, to help you articulate effectively. And this, maintains and improves your brain’s physical and mental fitness.

#2: Writing Enhances Your Ability to Articulate Effectively

Writing is a practice before it emerges to be an art and craft. For the talented, it’s a practice to stay on par and maintain his momentum. For the experienced, it enhances his flexibility and ability to write and come up with articles in shorter time. For the expert, it allows him to appreciate his years of practice and experience.

For the aspired writer, a proper practice in a consistent writing makes a perfect writer. He learns to pick up, build a natural growth in writing skills, that’s articulating well, and being persuasive.

If you start writing today, the piece you’ll be writing in a year time, if compared with the piece you’re writing today, will amaze you with the improvement it carries along.

#3: Writing Gifts You Writers’ Curiosity

The first stages of your writing journey may be a little bumpy. Sometimes, very bumpy. You can see, for yourself, the very first article I posted on GSalam.Net. But if you agree with the saying which suggests, that the correct “practice makes perfect,” then rest assured that you’ll pick up the art and the good taste of writing in no time. This is provided you decide to start writing.

By the time you realize, you’re addicted to writing. You find fun and excitement in it. And you’ll start to be sensitive about words and. Take note of this. 🙂

The curiosity writing gifts you will make you give more attention to details, and start observing things closely. That will allow you to learn new things every other day.

#4: Writing Allows You to Organize and Document Your Efforts and Contributions

By penning down your knowledge, experiences, ideas and opinions on a dedicated blog or website, your efforts and contributions are documented. I’m not sure how your social media friends find your postings (that you posted on social media) relevant after 10 years. But I’m certain, your write-ups shall remain relevant when you post them on a blog or website.

Why? Because, articles and entries posted on dedicated blogs and websites rather on social networking sites (SNS) are written with different motives. You give them a higher level of importance, and hence, a closer attention. You spend a significant amount of time on them.

Moreover, when you post your ideas on microblogs or SNS (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), these posts fade and go outdated. They die in a matter of hours, unless they find their ways to go viral. However, when you blog them on dedicated blogging sites (WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, TypePad, etc.), you create a platform where you can control your content and ideas.

When you share your write-ups on dedicated blogging platforms, in addition to having easy access to them, you’re able to edit, repost, and share them on as many social networking sites (SNS) as possible.

This is because they are primarily dedicated for blogging, they have proper archive features, which allow your visitors and readers to navigate through your website and search or find any article you’ve posted on them.

#5: Writing Purposefully Allows you to be in Control of Your Content

In 7 Steps to Become a Writer and Call Yourself a Writer we agreed, that to be an effective writer, your writings must see the light. You must make them accessible to others. You must have a platform for it. That’s when the importance of blogging and authoring books comes in. And that’s the only way you’ll be in control of your ideas.

Here, it’s worth indicating that, Facebook –although it has the Notes function, I do not recommend it as a platform for serious writing. Yes, Facebook is one of the most effective platforms to share and advertise your works, products, and services, but it’s not my recommended platform to host them.

Think of blogging in a dedicated blogging platform, i.e., WordPress, Yola, Blogger, Weebly, TypePad, and others. You can import/export your blog/website’s content across any of these platforms comfortably. But you can’t do the same between any those platforms and, say, Facebook or Twitter.

#6: By Writing, You’re Forced to Be Relevant and Well Informed

You can’t write effectively when you have nothing to offer. You can’t write effectively when you have no ideas nor thoughts to articulate. In order to have ideas at hand to write about at any point in time, you need to find means for generating them.

You can’t write about contemporary issues when you’re not informed about current affairs. This is to say, in order for your sharing to be appreciated, they must be relevant. The content becomes relevant when you yourself, the writer, are relevant.

Perhaps, it’s worth noting, that when you write, you’re not offering anything new. Whatever you write, someone, somewhere, somehow has written about it. Either a long time ago, or not long ago. The only difference is that no one has written what you’re writing in your own words and style. And it’s only you, who can do it the way you do it. Perhaps, that’s what makes your writing original, and appealing.

#7: You Get the Chance to Master a Field

Being relevant and well informed about current issues is something. And mastering your field of contribution is something else. Unfortunately, most of us choose not write because we’re stuck in the pursuit of mastering our passion. But the truth is, the best way to master your passion is to share it with others. One of the best ways to share your passion with others, especially the distanced ones is to write about it.

When the need for you to stay updated arises, and you are forced to read widely, knowingly or unknowingly, you accumulate a significant amount of mastery in your field of interest or passion.

We all agree that an effective writer reads a lot. In fact, he should read a lot! Reading will shine your ideas and make you master of your passion. That enhances your content and makes it outstanding. Because you have a niche area to write about (and you can’t write about everything, unless you’re truly passionate about everything), a larger percentage of your readings should focus on your niche area. This enriches your knowledge database, and supplies you with smoother flow of ideas when you sit down to write.


I know that you know the importance of writing. But, perhaps, you haven’t been convinced on why you, in particular, should have your thoughts, ideas and opinions penned on paper or better a dedicated blogging platform. I hope these seven reasons motivate you to realize why you should start writing.

Just note that you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of your contribution. For the most inspiring and successful people you ever knew wouldn’t have been if they underestimated the impact of their contributions. Moreover, they have all written about their experience or have had someone else to write about it. When it’s you who write to share your knowledge and thoughts, you leave a direct impact on your audience. Therefore, the time to help yourself and start writing is now.

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