7 Self-Help Benefits of Blogging

You know the importance of self-help. But you can’t see how blogging serves as an effective factor in attaining self-help. This article presents seven self-help benefits of blogging. It supplements the 7 Reasons You Should Start Writing.

7 Self-Help Benefits of Blogging - 1BabaSalam.com

What is Blogging

Blogging is basically to write, edit and share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, services, or materials on a personal website or web page on a regular basis. It could be on daily, weekly, fortnightly or even on monthly basis. In other words, blogging involves writing, designing, and management of the platform where you publish your write-ups, designs, services, works and other materials. In order to achieve that successfully, you need to adopt and adapt with technology as it enhances.

So what are the seven self-help benefits of blogging? The first of the seven is that blogging teaches you new things every day. How is that? Read the next section.

#1: Blogging Teaches You New Things Every Day

Once you decide to start blogging, you need to have something to write about every day. Note that writing something every day does not equal to posting something every day, though. So fret not 🙂 .

By writing something every day, you’re put you in a constant need for inspirations. Thus, you read. You observe. You socialize. You ask. You explore more. And you learn.

These activities; reading, observing, socializing, asking, and exploring are among the most effective means of learning. It becomes more effective because you do it purposefully, and you are inspired to blog about what you learn.

Self-help is all about learning new things that boost your self-confidence, build your spirituality, enhance your family and social relations, and render you helpful to others.

#2: Blogging Helps You to Grow Every Day

By learning new things every day, you grow every day. Any time you learn something new, you mature. Any time you put something you’ve learnt into practice, you learn a new experience. Any time you learn a new experience, you become wiser. Any time you share something you’ve learnt and put into practice, you help yourself. When you know how to help yourself, you’re able to help others effectively.

That’s where and when your blogging becomes fruitful and helpful. As you grow, your pace speeds up, and your productivity multiplies.

#3: Blogging Makes You Disciplined

Once you start a blog and have published your first entry, expect to have a reader. Once your first reader finds your blog useful, then you should expect to have more readers coming in no time.

Once you have more than one reader, then you have already created expectations. Whether or not they pay you for that, they have some expectations from you.

Every blogger knows that blogging is an ongoing activity. It evolves. The content of your blog grows, just like your audience with expectations will grow. You can’t afford to let them down.

To maintain their loyalty, you have to maintain your frequency of blogging, in the way that meets their expectations. That’s when you can’t afford but to be disciplined.

It doesn’t matter whether you post new entries daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. What matters is that there’s a consistency in your updates. What matters is that, when your readers visit your blog as per their expectations, they find new materials.

The point here is, successful bloggers are disciplined. And they’re organized.

#4: Blogging Makes You Organized

Successful bloggers are organized. Take some time to browse through any blog site that has caught your attention, and look and the layout and the arrangement of the menus, images, and content.

Almost every blogger, depending on their niche area of writing, has his or her own style of arrangement, but he or she is uniquely organized.

This, knowingly or unknowingly, as it is seen on the online organization of the blogger, it also reflects on his or her offline lifestyle. I can testify, that I don’t know a blogger in real life who’s not organized. They may (humbly) claim to be unorganized. But they are organized. Regardless of their niche area, religiosity, and educational level.

#5: Blogging Pushes You to Grow With Technology

When you blog, you basically write. However, in addition to writing, you must find the suitable platform, whether free or paid, to publish your content and share your message. Also, you must find a suitable theme for your blog. Additionally, you must work on the layouts of your website or blog site. In addition to knowing how to work ‘at the backstage’ (dashboard) of your website, you must ensure, that every entry you post serves its intended objectives.

As much as blogging takes place on the Internet through your computer or laptop, it also takes place on your smartphone, as well as your tablets. Any of these requires specific applications that allow you to manage your blog conveniently.

Assuming this is your first blog post, by the time you post your tenth post, you’ve adopted the technology that encompasses blogging. By then, you’ll be also familiar with the interface of your blogging platform, and the applications (as well as plugins, if you’re self-hosting your blog) that work on it.

#6: Blogging Gives You Courage and Voice of Your Own

When you blog, it means you are establishing a platform. In order to establish a platform, you need courage and a voice of your own. You need to stand out.

This means, when you blog, you have a message to send across. You have a product to sell. You have a service to offer. You need to market that service, product or message.

You can’t do this without a voice. You can’t project your voice without courage. You are independent here. You must do it or never.

In short, we can say, that blogging is one the best ways to get introverts to speak up and be heard. Blogging is one of the best solutions for very shy people to gain courage.

#7: Blogging Makes You Caring

Above all the above, blogging makes a caring person out of you!

When you start blogging, you learn to be caring. You learn to care for yourself, as well as for your family and loved ones. Also, you learn to care for the activities you love doing. And most relevantly, you learn to care for the people you blog for; your readers.

Self-Help that does not make you caring is questionable, and it’s not worth adopting.


As a blogger, blogging is about sharing with your readers what you believe to be beneficial to your readers, followers and fans. However, likewise any form of service we provide others with, there are a lot we, certainly, learn from helping others.

Therefore, no matter what your niche area of blogging is, there are many takeaways for you.

In this article, I presented only seven self-help benefits of blogging. What are the other benefits you have attained or thought about when it comes to blogging? Please share your thoughts and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. To receive monthly updates from 1BabaSalam.com delivered to your inbox,  please click here. If you want to ask me any question anonymously, you can always do so at Ask.fm/BabaSalam

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