Al-Waleed bin Talal: Learning from the Agony He Never Imagined

People around the world woke up on Sunday morning, 5 November, to the shocking news of the arrest of some prominent Saudi princes in Saudi Arabia. Apparently, the arrest includes the billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Along with Prince Alwaleed, 10 princes, including Mutaib bin Abdullah and his brother Turki bin Abdullah; sons of the […]

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Emmanuel Macron: An Achiever, But Hardly a Good Role Model

Emmanuel Macron is a phenomenon. He’s an achiever and an inspiration. He’s only 39. And he’s already the President of France! With that, he is the youngest president France have ever had. So far. Additionally, he’s also the first to form a political party and win a presidential election in the first attempt. However, Emmanuel Macron […]

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Why You Should Vote, and For Whom You Should Vote

Ghana votes… and in less than 24 hours, eligible Ghanaians will be lining up at polls across the country to cast their votes, through which they decide who governs them in the next four years. This is what the democratic system, which most of us opened our eyes in, implies. This piece highlights why you […]

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