What Do You Plan to Achieve By the Next Olympic Games?

As many of us know, the XXX Olympic Games, also informally known as London 2012 (has) just ended in London. The next, XXXI Olympic Games is expected to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, four years from now (starting from 5 August 2016 to 21 August 2016).

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We are therefore 144+ days to the XXXI Olympic Games (Rio 2016).

I didn’t watch any of the games held at the London Olympic Games this year. I was busy and had no time to spare for the Olympics. However, there’re a few things I like about the whole idea.

First, the Games take place once every four years, where different games are played at the various levels of participation. This is extremely unlike any other games, because it gives participants significant time to prepare for the competition.

Second, the Games bring the whole world together, regardless of their ethnical or religious background. They can’t be one. But they can get to know one another better.

Athletes who have experienced the Olympic Games, either in this year’s or in previous events, have gained the experience. Following their footsteps, other athletes who are yet to experience the Olympics in their life, are setting (or have already set) their targets for the next Olympic Games.

What about you and me?

Unless you are an athlete, or you are involved in the Olympics, in a way or another, you may not be thinking much about the Olympic Games, until it’s about to start. In the meantime, what goal, similar to the amount of targets set by the aspired athletes, have you set to achieve by 2016?

Whether you are an athlete or not, whether you watched the events or not, you should have something meaningful and productive to do, till the next Olympic Games.

Achieving a medal means everything to a participating athlete. But as for you and me, what we want to achieve should be engaging us more. As much harder the athletes work towards achieving their goals, we, too, should work towards ours.

By 2016, a lot of things will change in your life. A lot of things will change in this world. You should consciously be part of the positive changes that will happen in your life, as well as in the life of the people around you.

Children born on 12 August 2012 (the closing date of London 2012) will be four years old when Rio 2016 starts. They will achieve life, learn to listen, respond, cry, crawl, and the ability to speak.

Graduates from A-Levels (Senior High Schools) this year, will be university graduates when Rio 2016 kick starts, in four years to come. They will all be ready to dive into work life.

In four years time, newly married couples may make two children, or even up to four. They’ll reproduce and give back to mankind

What about you and me?

Goals we set should not necessarily be material. It can be monetary, physical, moral, marital, skill, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, social and many others. Most importantly, do something beneficial.

As I encourage you to have your target set, I, too, have set my list of targets. By 2016, among other things, I must read the minimum of 80 new books. These 80 new books will not include any book I’ll have to read due to school projects or work (employment) requirements. In other words, I’ll be reading 20 new books every year, until Rio 2016, insha Allah.

So, what goals have you, so far, set to achieve by 2016, 4 years from now? Kindly share with us your targets, if you don’t mind, in the comment area below.

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