No Amusement in Circulating Naked Statues of Political Rivals

You can’t help but to feel a deep sorry for the state, to which American politics has declined. It seems wild insults and allegations have been tolerated for long enough, such that they seem ineffective to political rivals. However, resorting to portraying our political rivals in obscenity and naked statues is something rather disgusting, if […]

Naked Statues of Opponents -

What Makes Pokemon GO So Significant?

The launch of Pokemon Go didn’t come as a surprise. But the frenzy and crazy attitude it brought, with which it became a global phenomenon is certainly surprising. That makes one wonder what’s the significance that emerges to be a phenomenon? It’s understandable that by default, playing computer games or game apps, likewise surfing and […]

Pokemon GO

What Does It Mean for the Emperor of Japan to Step Down?

Before Japan surrendered and conceded defeat in WWII, an emperor in Japan was regarded as a living god. Thus, the life of every single Japanese was devoted to the emperor. In other words, the Japanese people were nothing but subjects to the Emperor who was considered as a divine being. When the Americans bombed Hiroshima […]

The Emperor of Japan, Akihito

Ghana; Ede Bee Keke!

Long live Ghana.. Long live Africa. God bless Ghana.. God bless Africa. Ghanaians have once again made themselves, as well as the entire African continent proud. The people of Ghana have made a significant addition to their history of peace-making. At last, the December 7 elections (2012) has come to be a matter of yesterday. […]

Ghana and Ghanainas are the Winners -