7 Self-Help Benefits of Blogging

You know the importance of self-help. But you can’t see how blogging serves as an effective factor in attaining self-help. This article presents seven self-help benefits of blogging. It supplements the 7 Reasons You Should Start Writing. What is Blogging Blogging is basically to write, edit and share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, services, or materials on […]

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Change Should Start from Within

My Experience With The Kid Crossing Borders Alone

Three days ago, on August 30, I coincided a kid crossing borders alone. It was an 11-year-old boy, traveling all the way from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Singapore alone. Yes, alone. According to the Distance Calculator, the flying distance between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur is 316 kilometers (197 miles), while driving distance is 369 kilometers (230 […]

Kid Crossing Borders Alone - 1BabaSalam.com

The Best Thing Our Children Can Learn From Joseph Schooling

I was in Singapore when history was made for the city-state on the 13 August (2016). Singapore won its first Olympic gold medal ever. Obviously, another sense of pride was made for the Little Red Dot! This historic moment deserves every aspect of jubilation.  Hats off to Joseph Schooling who took the challenge to bring […]

The Best to Learn From Joseph Schooling