Change Should Start from Within
Change Should Start from Within

7 Practical Elements of a Productive Life

Move from a Dreaming Life to a Productive Life Worth Living

Does it happen to you, when you wake up in the morning, that you ask yourself, “how do I make this day a productive one?” Very often, I do ask myself this very question. So you’re not alone. This question rings in our heads because we all have the ambition to pursuit for happiness. And […]

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6 Things You Should Do to Your Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ Notifications

Managing Your Facebook's Past Activities

One of the first notifications you probably receive from Facebook every morning is the On This Day memories. It usually reads “you have memories with [Baba Salam and 6 others].” These memories contain activities you carried out the same day a year , two, three, ten years ago. Different people react to those memories differently. […]

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