What Writers Shouldn’t Do… Diplomatic Bribery

As a writer who has just taken my writing seriously, I’ve realized that, as much as I write, I’ve to read the works of other writers and learn from their experiences and knowledge, not necessarily to ‘copycat’ their styles or works.

Diplomatic Bribary - 1BabaSalam.com

The best place to discover writers and explore their writings is the Internet. There are countless writers over here on the Internet, many of whom are truly inspiring, and some of whom are self-promoters, paid-to-write or service promoters.

Whatever a writer’s motives and objectives may be, they have the right to be who they want to be.

However, I was disappointed to see that, a significant number of writers, whom I’ve seen on the Internet, play with their readers, the same game, which most politicians play with voters.

Politicians, especially in the so-called third world, would resort to diplomatic bribery for voters with physical cash and by other means, just to win their votes. I don’t see why writers should allow themselves to be seen as such.

But wait! How do writers also resor to diplomatic bribery with their readers for readership? That’s what I’m going to share with you. Your patience is, therefore, appreciated.

Try to google “Best Writers”, after reading this post, or click here. Open the links that lead to their respective sites. One of the prominent things you’ll observe is their “Call to Action”. Such us “Subscribe to us, and receive an e-book, “for free”.

If you have an e-book to give away “for free”, why should you associate that to subscribing to your mailing list?

Among other things with which a visitor to your website can’t help but sign up for your updates is to:

  • Ensure you have a clean website.
  • Ensure you have a well-designed theme with a nice layout.
  • Remember to furnish your blog with quality and authentic content.

Rather than self-promotion and.. allow me to call it fake “free gifts”.

An e-book given to a visitor in return for their subscription to our blog and come back is no different from paying them cash asking them to subscribe to our blog and hopefully remain a loyal reader.

Anyone who signs up to a mailing list to get a free e-book, is likely to unsubscribe from the mailing list, if:

  • He finds your e-book another self-promotional.
  • He finds your site lacking in content quality.

A simple call to action like “Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.” should be enough to get me subscribed to your mailing list, provided that you provide quality content.

If you are a writer and are desperate to building readership, you may do it the way Jeff Goins Writer did it. Give your visitor the option for newsletters and give them quality content.

Alternatively, you may let your free gift be a surprise to your new subscriber, and I will be your loyal reader forever!

Are you a writer who follows the above-mentioned strategy to build a “readership”? Please disagree with me, by commenting below. Have you ever been “bribed” to sign up to a mailing list? Share with us how it happened.

Baba Salam is a lifelong seeker of knowledge, a writer and blogger. He writes here at 1BabaSalam.com. He's also the man behind GSalam.Net. He's also the founder of TVQ.Academy. You can find him on Twitter @1babasalam, Facebook @1BabaSalam, and Instagram @1BabaSalam.

  • Safudin

    I’m a writer – well if you can call replying emails writing :). But I do like to read… Commentaries, articles, reports and but not books (takes too long to finish). But at times I will force myself to read books.
    Come back to your writing about writers who resort to bribery. Usually if I smell a rat I will most probably read the whole thing. I like to be entertained and amused. 🙂 Just like when I received those Nigerian scam emails. I will normally read them… start to the end. Hehehe. Sidetrack sikit – Do you know that the Nigerian scam email was purposely written in such an unbelieving manner? This is to filter out the ordinary people and just capture the gullible ones. Smart ah.
    Back to your writing again :)… I agree (disagree) with you. I won’t subscribe to “bribery” demanding writers.

    Happy writing my Bro.

    • GSalam Writer

      Bro Safudin,
      You made me smile… haha
      Of course, replying emails is part of writing, and by right it requires special skills to make them (emails) persuasive. So you are a Writer – This one I agree, betul2x.. hehe
      Reading books from cover to cover requires lots of discipline.. Thanks (no thanks) to modern technology.. In order to finish a book that way, the writer must be really good and covering interesting topics 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by, Bro Safudin 🙂