Emmanuel Macron: An Achiever, But Hardly a Good Role Model

Emmanuel Macron is a phenomenon. He’s an achiever and an inspiration.

Emmanuel Macron - GSalam.Net

He’s only 39. And he’s already the President of France! With that, he is the youngest president France have ever had. So far. Additionally, he’s also the first to form a political party and win a presidential election in the first attempt.

However, Emmanuel Macron hardly a good role model.

Yes, Macron may be an inspiration to any youth who’s aspired to be a president or prime minister before 40. But he’s hardly a good example.

Think of someone who has influenced the emotions of a married woman, regardless of her age, and she eventually left her husband and three children, so to marry him. That’s exactly what Emmanuel Macron did.

They say, “behind every successful man there’s a woman.” Similarly, behind every woman who leaves her husband and three children, there’s more than likely a man. Furthermore, a woman who leaves her marriage to marry an achiever is not a good role model either, even if she becomes a First Lady.

At the age of 15, when he was in her French literature and Drama Class, Emmanuel Macron asserted to his then teacher, who is 24 years older than him, Brigitte Trogneux, that he will marry her no matter what! He had fallen in love with her. Although she didn’t take him seriously initially, she eventually gave in to his persistence.

Imagine every married female teacher, whose one teenage student becomes fond of her, and then develops the guts to verbalize that to her, and she loses her mind, morals, and values. She then decides to leave her family, so to marry him. How many married female teachers will remain in our secondary/high schools, if our teenagers are exposed to this, or if we find amusement in such real happenings?

Most of us are secret admirers. Perhaps, everyone has a secret admirer. Some are even married. What happens if everyone is to reveal his love for whom he or she admires and he or she (the admired one) responds to it positively? It’s going be big fitnah and greater corruption in our societies, starting from our schools. We already have more than enough moral and ethical issues to tackle.

Perhaps, there’s nothing wrong with the ‘Macron-Brigitte story, in the French culture. Even in the larger present-day Western culture. But in our culture, and more so, in our religion, this is an action that is rejected altogether. It’s not justifiable. And if our children should hear them from us, it should be without amusement.

Certainly, it’s an inspiration if you become a president at your young age of 40. But it also doesn’t matter if you don’t become a president or prime minister by 40. It’s unacceptable to cause the break of a family, to attain your personal satisfaction. Strive hard to achieve your dreams. But your dreams shouldn’t invade others’ happiness. Your dreams should be righteous ones.

Considering the focused nature and the achievers’ talent possessed by Macron, perhaps, he will do some good things to take France forward during his term. Obviously, France is not an exception of the chaos the world is experiencing today. And it should be highlighted and he should be given due credit if he turns out to be successful in his presidency. But parents and educators should avoid highlighting his ‘Romeo and Juliet’ past. It doesn’t send any good message to our children, especially during these loose times.

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