7 Practical Ways to Generate Ideas for Consistent Writing

The Good Thing About Them is That They Easy and Achieveable

You’ll love to be a writer, and hence, you’ve started writing. You’ve decided to be a writer and you’re seriously serious about it.

7 Practical Ways to Generate Ideas for Consistent Writing

The only problem you’re probably facing is that you keep wondering ‘how do consistent writers generate ideas for their topics?’ You’re not alone.

I used to ask that same question. When the answers I received worked for me, I was also asked in return. So I’ve decided to cut the way short for you.

In this article, I’m introducing you to some 7 practical ways that are effective in generating ideas for writing and blogging topics.

One thing to emphasize, however, is that you’ll find these 7 practical ways really practical and helpful if you’ve really decided to be a writer. If you haven’t decided to be a writer yet, please check my article, 7 Steps to Become a Writer and Call Yourself a Writer. Check it out here.

The first practical way to generate ideas for writing is to socialize.

#1: Socialize

The more you socialize, the better you understand your surroundings and appreciate the people around you. This understanding broadens your perceptions and gives you insightful ideas to generate topics for your write-ups.

It’s also another opportunity for you to understand how others think or observe. You also learn what they appreciate and what they may not.

By socializing, you generate ideas and by understanding those you socialize you know how to write for the people you understand.

#2: Observe

As a writer, observation is one the most effective ways to generate ideas.

With it, you’re able to compare and contrast. You take personal stances and make your opinions based on your own findings and conclusion.

That way, an idea you write about comes from your own conviction and its originality speaks for itself. This will enable you to walk the talk once that idea has been published. It gives you the voice of your own.

What to observe? Anything that your eyes can catch. Anything in our surrounding and encounters.

#3: Discuss Current Issues

When you socialize, you make opinions but on the surface. However, by having discussions with your friends, you either verify your opinions and reinforce your knowledge. Or you get to look at issues from a bigger angle, if not from a different perspective.

There’s no way you won’t learn from a good discussion. Moreover, the more you learn, the better you emerge in generating ideas for your writing and blogging topics.

It’s important to have discussions on different topics. This is what will make you relevant. To achieve that, you must have lots of friends, with whom you can have discussions from time to time, on different issues, topics and areas.

#4: Read Newspapers

Newspapers provide you with information beyond what you gain from your social interactions, even discussions with friends.

This doesn’t mean that what the newspapers feed you with is the divine truth. Newspapers can be biased, or politicized. So it’s your responsibility to make sense of what you read, and ignore what makes less sense.

The advantage is that, in addition to generating ideas, you also learn how featured writers put their opinions across.

Furthermore, although news can be made, you have references for some of your opinions.

Similar to newspapers, are magazines and books.

#5: Read Other Blogs

There’s a lot of benefits in reading other blogs. Among others, you learn from their knowledge and years of experience. This is if they’re better than you in writing.

Also, reading other blogs is an effective way of generating ideas. When you read other blogs, you’re are inspired with ideas that rectify mistakes a writer has done in his articles.

When you read other blogs, you may second the bloggers’ opinions but in a different way and style. You may be also inspired by new opinions based on reading others’ blogs and websites.

#6: Reread Your Own Articles

Similar to reading other blogs, there are various advantages in reading your own blog posts.

You get to correct mistakes you have overlooked when you published them. You also get inspiration to repost them in the various social media platforms available.

Above all that, you generate ideas out of your own posts and articles.

When you reread your own blog articles, there are usually issues you raised in past, that needed elaboration but you were unable to elaborate on them then, due to word count constrain and irrelevance.

Such ideas are good for new articles on their own. And they enrich the content of your blog or website.

#7: Optimize Your Thoughts

The best ideas are those that are inspired by your inner thoughts. As long as they don’t contradict with divine revelations.

Inspirations emerge from different ways. It may come through your dream. It may also come out of the blue. It may come from a movie or a drama you’ve watched. It may also come as a result of feedback received from a kind reader.

Any of the above ways gives ideas that can result to highly impactful topics. The rest will depend on the conviction, persuasion and rational you use in writing.

Above are the practical ways I apply in generating ideas for my articles. The good thing about them is that they’re achievable and easy to implement. What are the other ways you use to generate ideas for your blog posts? Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

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