6 Things You Should Do to Your Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ Notifications

Managing Your Facebook's Past Activities

One of the first notifications you probably receive from Facebook every morning is the On This Day memories. It usually reads “you have memories with [Baba Salam and 6 others].”

Facebook's On This Day Memories Notifications - 1BabaSalam.com

These memories contain activities you carried out the same day a year , two, three, ten years ago.

Different people react to those memories differently. This is a list of 6 suggestions on things you should do whenever you receive your Facebook’s On This Day memories.

Before that, here’s how you can activate your On This Day memories on Facebook, in case you can’t receive the notifications.

How do You Activate Your Memories on Facebook?

To see your On This Day page, you can click on the On This Day bookmark, search for “On This Day,” or visit facebook.com/onthisday.

You might also see a story in your News Feed. Once on the page, you can choose to subscribe to notifications so you’ll be alerted when you have memories to look back on.

Now, the following are the 6 things to do when you receive your On This Day memories notification.

#1: Relive Your Old Posts

Relive your old posts. I mean take some time to reflect on what Facebook has come to remind you on your activities on social media, the same day a year, two, six or ten years ago.

Some of the memories may be pleasant to you. Some may not. Some may carry misspellings. Some carry photos you posted. Some carry photos you were tagged in, posted by others. Some can be more relevant than they were. Some are outdated.

By reliving them, you’re likely to decide to edit some. Go ahead and edit them.

#2: Edit Your Old Posts

It’s common to go through your old pieces or writeups and end up asking yourself, “am I the one who wrote this?”, “How did I overlook this ‘silly’ mistake?”

Don’t worry. You’re human. Edit what needs editing. Correct where necessary. Ensure you make your piece relevant.

Believe me, a year later, you may find the need to edit this very piece again.

To edit a post or photo on your Facebook, hover your cursor to the upper right corner of the post, click on the drop down arrow, select edit. Go ahead and make your changes accordingly.

If your old post appears no longer relevant, or your opinion pertaining to it has changed, delete it.

#3: Delete Your Old Posts (If no Longer Relevant)

Human being lives to grow. He grows to mature. As he matures, his opinions towards life change. What is right today may emerge wrong tomorrow. Thus, if a Facebook post you made a year or two years ago appears no longer relevant, simply delete it. If you’re not deleting it, then you should write a new post to clarify and present your new opinion. This is important, Dude… You don’t know when your old posts on social media can be used at your disadvantage!

The same thing applies to images you uploaded or shared.

To delete a post or photo on your Facebook, hover your cursor to the upper right corner of the post, click on the drop down arrow, select delete. Done!

#4: Untag Yourself from Photos You Didn’t Upload

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

For images that you didn’t upload but were tagged in, if you find them no longer relevant, or don’t want to be tagged in them anymore, simply untag yourself and go free.

This is the only way to ensure they’re no longer available or attached to your timeline.

To untag yourself out of a photo, hover your cursor to the upper right corner of tho photo, click on the drop down arrow, select untag. Just untag yourself. You’re done and done!

#5: Share Your Memories

After reflecting upon your old posts, editing where relevant, and deleting what worths not to remain in your timeline, some of your past posts remain more relevant than even when they were first posted. If this is the case, share them.

Alternatively, you can write extended posts based on them. In fact, you can write a whole article from that. Believe me, it will be a more matured piece of yours. Give it a try.

#6: Strengthen the Bonding with Your Friends.

Among the features of Facebook’s On This Day memories notifications is that you’re reminded of whom you befriended on that day, a year ago or more.

Some of these friends are there with little or no interactions at all. At least you don’t see them. You’ve even forgotten you’re friends on Facebook. Since  you don’t interact, why not send those listed in your memories today a short message, to extend you ‘salam’ and strengthen that friendship?

Having said that, this should be applied to same gender friends or good friends. Lest, you’ll end up messaging someone’s spouse out of the blue. Don’t get yourself in unnecessary troubles.

I should say this here: if you feel uncomfortable messaging someone in your Facebook friends list, remove them from the list.

How do you react to your Facebook’s On This Day memories notifications? Would you suggest more to the above mentioned? Please join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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