No Amusement in Circulating Naked Statues of Political Rivals

You can’t help but to feel a deep sorry for the state, to which American politics has declined. It seems wild insults and allegations have been tolerated for long enough, such that they seem ineffective to political rivals. However, resorting to portraying our political rivals in obscenity and naked statues is something rather disgusting, if not at all a disgrace.

Naked Statues of Opponents -

No matter what the differences, disagreement or even the enmity we have with someone, anyone, let alone political rivals, with whom we may share common interests towards the development of our nations, it’s absolutely unacceptable to depict and circulate naked statues of them. Even if they themselves pose naked to cameras.

The BBC has reported with images about some life-size naked statues of the US Republican Party’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The statues have spread in various cities in the US, including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Cleveland. (sorry I can’t link to them here.) Reports claim that, the statues were put up by supporters of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

In response, we now see supporters from the Trump’s camp also portraying (Hillary) Clinton’s statues depicting a naked old woman. (sorry I can’t link to them here as well.)

It’s unfortunate, that a state of disgrace to this extent is perceived and treated as a matter of fun and amusement. Parents and educators should –and I know most of them are, feel the shock and start finding ways and means to guide our children in times like this. Would you approve your child doing this? Circulating it? Taking selfies with it? Finding amusement in it?

Making a statue of this nature is unacceptable. Painting it and circulating it is equally immoral. This also contradicts with the basic Islamic code of modesty and social purity.

Is This Part of Politics?

Some may argue, that as far as politics is concerned, ‘freedom of expression’ should be granted. I disagree.

In no circumstance does politics equal to the right to personal attacks. In fact, in no circumstance does the right to live and feel politics equal to going insane or immoral.

No, it’s not. Politics does not grant us the authority to go out of our humanity to show someone, anyone, in a form or shape he’s not. This is not politics. It’s inhuman. Human being is an honoured creature. And we ought to deal with him with respect, even when we disagree with him. Even when we hate him. Even when he’s rendered dead.

The Possible Implications of These Naked Statues

It was a jaw-dropping seeing people taking selfies of all forms of posture with the naked statues. Perhaps, they perceive it as amusing. And the truth is, it’s not! It could be amusing, but for a ‘very short term.’ However, in the long run, circulating images of these naked statues has several severe implications.

First, as parents and educators, if we allow ourselves to involve in manners of such nature, I wonder how we can guide our children and students to abstain from them.

Second, those who resort to this behaviour do so because they disagree with their political rivals and hence, they perceive them as enemies. Enemies who should be exposed by all means. What if things change in the future, and a day comes you start admiring the person, whom you once depicted in naked statues? Will ‘sorry’ be enough to undo the damage done?

Third, those who resort to this behaviour do so because they think, as much as their political rivals can be evil, they deserve all sorts of embarrassment. Isn’t it? What if he (your rival whom you’ve depicted in naked statues) does the same to you? Are you ready for that? Would you accept it with pride and happiness?

Fourth, by circulating them, we become involved in spreading immorality and obscene portraits of others. Even if the naked statues are just not real. Such portraits are such that we wouldn’t want it to be for ourselves, nor for our loved ones. Kindness shall return to us in a form of kindness. Evil shall return to us in a form of evil. Wait for it!

Fifth, once we have allowed it to start, and some of us, obviously shamelessly, find amusement in it, we can’t stop it in the future. So, the next time your child, relative or friend decides to contest for a political post, start imagining his or her naked statues before anything else.

But… This is not Important!

“This is not important!” This is what some may say. I would say in return, nope! It’s important and it’s serious. Put religious and moral issues aside. Rationally, if it’s not important and our rivals are not offended by them, why then do we use naked statues to mock them?

In conclusion, yes we do this depending on how bad we perceive our political rivals to be. But by doing that, we’ve gone down (assuming he’s worse), to his lowness. And by doing that, we’re either on par with him, or even lower.

Now a question for you? Would you like to see your president with positive memories or with naked statues of him or her in your mind? Whatever your answer is, the next president of America will always be seen with memories of his life-size naked statues in mind. This is what’s going to happen in the US come January 2017.

What are your thoughts about the recent circulations of some naked statues of the presidential candidates in the US? Mind sharing in the comments area below?

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