Paul Pogba… Why We Are Not Informed of His Roots

You’ve Heard of Paul Pogba.

Paul Pogba

That is certainly. He is the French footballer who has emerged with a record fee.

Here is Quartz’s report. You can check on the Telegraph’s here. CNN is reported on him here.

Of course, Paul Pogba is French. He was born in France. Raised in France. Perhaps, educated in France. Turned pro in France. Today, he is a professional footballer, and the most expensive one. His success should be credited to France.

Therefore, he deserves a fair coverage. A coverage that gives no mention of his roots. That is a fair coverage. And that should be how our Western media do in all their coverages.

God forbidden, had Paul Pogba committed a crime or engaged in a rape, that’s when you will get to know who Paul Pogba really is.

You’d have known that he originates from Guinea (not Ghana 🙂 ). You’d have known that his father migrated to France, perhaps, in his youth age.

But never mind! Paul Pogba is a footballer who has made global headlines for the good reason. Moreover, he’s not involved in any crime or terrorism. Therefore, you can only know about him being ‘France’s’.

Having said that, here is a ‘fair coverage’ from the DailyMail.

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