What Makes Pokemon GO So Significant?

The launch of Pokemon Go didn’t come as a surprise. But the frenzy and crazy attitude it brought, with which it became a global phenomenon is certainly surprising. That makes one wonder what’s the significance that emerges to be a phenomenon?

Pokemon GO

It’s understandable that by default, playing computer games or game apps, likewise surfing and watching TV, is the easiest way to pass time unproductively. That is perhaps, why game fans are so fanatical with Pokemon GO.

At the time we see, that governments and government agencies around the world have issued warnings in some instances and guidelines in other instances pertaining to Pokemon GO, we also see that multi-billion companies are promoting the game profusely. They agree that the game poses danger on its players, as well as non-players. But they’ve also agreed to allow the game to invade people out of their senses.

The developers of the Pokemon GO at Niantic are motivated about Pokemon GO after they learnt that the game has transformed an autistic teen’s life. But on the other hand, they fail to tell you that Pokemon GO has taken the life of another teen.

The first profiteer of Pokemon GO is Niantic. According to CNBC, Niantic made $200 million in net revenue globally on the App Store and Google Play in its first month of releasing Pokemon GO.

The next profiteers in line are Apple and Google. Yes, it’s a free to download and play game for Android and iOS devices. But it comes with an in-app purchase feature. Hardcore players have no option next to spending dollars in stores to boost their performance and possibly ‘quench their thirst.’

You just can’t climb higher without spending money, just to play more. You can only get excited if you pay more in order to play more. Mind you, Pokemon GO is addictive. Forbes reported that some experts estimate the game to bring in $1.6 million per day on Apple devices alone. This is with at least 7.5 million total downloads in the United States alone. On that basis, how much will the game bring in worldwide? That game is still less than three months old.

Telcos are the next profiteers of the phenomenon of Pokemon GO. The game requires GPS to keep you walking around to ‘catch ‘em all’. And with GPS your mobile data consumption will certainly surge, likewise your phone battery consumption. Hardcore Pokemon trainers will either have to ‘top up’ for more mobile data, or upgrade their existing plans to higher ones.

Pokemon GO means business to various parties. But for the consumer, it only means a game and possible fun. While the money-minds behind Pokemon are reaping more money, the consumer is exposed to the danger of addiction, security and socials problems.

What makes Pokemon GO so significant? It’s your money. At the expense of your safety and social cohesion.

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