I come from Brazil and Ronaldo is My Cousin

Very often people will encounter being asked where they come from, especially when they are in foreign countries, and thus are treated as foreigners.

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The status of being a ‘foreigner’ in a foreign country is enough for ‘locals’ to be curious to know about your country. This reality is across the board, wherever you go, the same story repeats itself.

As well as it’s pleasurable talking to others about one’s country of origin, interesting things, however, can be tedious.

There have been times, when I had to explain which part of Africa I come from. This started when I decided to tell anyone who asks me “Where do you come from?” that I come from Africa, instead of the usual “I come from Ghana”.

There have also been times in which I had to endlessly explain about where I come from. This happened when I used to answer that I come from Ghana.

I adopted the “I come from Africa” approach the day I had to lie to tell a curious person that I come from Brazil, and that Ronaldo is my cousin.

At the time when people learn geography in schools, or from travelling encounters, others learn it solely through watching soccer!

This type of people only know legendary countries in soccer, although they may not know, in which part of the world, these legendary countries are located.

As much as people know Brazil, they also know South Africa. But surprisingly; unlike Brazil, it takes a genius to explain the difference between South[ern] Africa, and the Republic of South Africa to some people.

I come from Brazil, and Ronaldo is my cousin – A curious man once asked me where I come from. Upon saying ‘I come from Ghana’, he immediately added, “Ghana… err.. next to Brazil, right?” I endorsed, immediately, “Actually Ghana is part of Brazil”.

My friend became more curious and excited; he asked whether I knew Ronaldo. “Ronaldo is my cousin”, I added.

Our conversation became even more interesting and was prolonged. The conversation became such interesting after I wrongly agreed with him that I’m from Brazil and that Ronaldo is my cousin. This change in tone happened, simply because my friend was honoured to chit-chat with a mysterious cousin of Ranaldo.

Since that incident, I decided to answer similar questions with “I come from Africa” rather than “I come from Ghana”. So as, if another curious person relates me to the Republic of South Africa,Β Β it’ll be relatively realistic rather than being related with Brazil.

Relating someone from Ghana with (the Republic of ) South Africa doesn’t make them come from South Africa, but both countries are in Africa. As for Brazil, it really has to be a hard-core miraculous, for it to be in Africa.

I come from Brazil, and Ronaldo is my cousin. So, friends, where do you come from? And who is your cousin? Have you ever encountered a situation like that? Kindly share with us your story in the comment area.

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  • Bassam Mohammed Zainudeen

    In fact,brother Abdul Salam your story is almost the same as mine.I could remember i was once asked,”where do you come from?”.I replied,I come from Ghana and the fellow asked,near Somalia,right? I in turn replied no near America.On another occassion,I was asked “where do you come from?” I replied,I come from Africa because if you say Ghana,the person doesnt know where Ghana is located.He then asked,”where in Africa?” I said west Africa but the person doesnt even know which countries are located in the West of Africa though he is aware that Stephen Appiah is from Ghana.So he asked again,”do you know Appiah?”,I said of course yes we live in the same neighbourhood.These are some of the experiences i had during my stay outside Ghana and a lot more happened which i wont be able to say all here.In deed,travel and see….I like this saying.Allahu Hafiz πŸ™‚

    • GSalam Writer

      Brother Bassam,
      I like your story.. I will really appreciate it, if you can share more with us… πŸ™‚

  • Abu Bilal Araoyo

    Permit me brothers to also narrate the story of a friend who hails from Benin Republic but because of the similar question he encouters everytime about where is Benin? he often responds thet he is from Nigeria whenever aked. On one occasion, he replied that he is from Nigeria and he was immediately asked, do you know Rashidi Yekini? he replied in affirmative,yes Rashidi Yekini is my uncle. Surprisingly the inquirer went to the bakery bought a bread , gave it to him and said to him, this gift is not because of you but because of Rashidi Yekinni…..
    This is one of the roles the African footballers play in rebranding Africa…. hope our leaders will learn from that..Ha ha

    • GSalam Writer

      Abu Bilal, Habibi..
      Your story has really inspired me to write another article, related to this.. But your story will be the base to that article…
      I can only write that, with your permission to use your story.. πŸ™‚
      Allahu Hafiz πŸ™‚

  • Abu Bilal Araoyo

    ha ha..do u need my permission at all?!!!Pls go ahaed ya sheikh, I cant wait to read that article of yours…