Izzou, My Dear Son…

I Wish I am There to See You Off...

Izzou, My Dear Son, Assalāmu ‘alaykum warahmatullāh, My prayers are that you read this message in īmān and good health. Tomorrow, you will be going for the first school camping in your life. Although it is going to last for only three days and two nights, you will find it as long as a month, if […]

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The Best Thing Our Children Can Learn From Joseph Schooling

I was in Singapore when history was made for the city-state on the 13 August (2016). Singapore won its first Olympic gold medal ever. Obviously, another sense of pride was made for the Little Red Dot! This historic moment deserves every aspect of jubilation.  Hats off to Joseph Schooling who took the challenge to bring […]

The Best to Learn From Joseph Schooling

Children Learn Unconsciously: Let’s Teach Them Good Sportsmanship

It all started when parents of 113 children at the age of 6 years attended a primary school to witness the balloting exercise, with only 43 vacancies available. Lucky applicants in the exercise secured places for themselves, in Primary One, next year. There few a few behaviours I observed, which by writing this post, I’m […]

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