The Incredible Love of a Mother

A mother had the following conversation with her son:

Love of a Mum -

The Story

Mum: Son, if I’m to lose one of my eyes, what would you do?
Son: I will engage the best doctors for you.

Mum: What if it doesn’t work?
Son: I will send you anywhere possible to seek treatment for you.

Mum: And if doesn’t work?
Son: I will put you at home (by my side), and ensure that I provide you with anything that will make you happy.

Mum: Son! I love you very much!

Son: Mum! What about you; what could you do, if I’m to lose one of my eyes?
Mum: I will give you mine, Dear!

Moral of the story

No matter how much you love your mum, she has loved you more. And still loves you more.
No matter how much prepared you are to sacrifice for your mum, she has done more than that for you. And  is prepared to sacrifice for you more.

Everyone has only one mother. If you are not in good terms with your mother, something is (definitely) wrong with you, regardless.

O God, Bless our mums! O God, Bless our mums! O God Bless our mums!

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  • Abu Bilal Araoyo

    wallahi it is true, mum’s love for her child is indeed incredible and perhaps it is one of the reasons the prohet SAW when asked who deserves our kindness more, He SAW replied your mother, three times before mentioning the father. I can confirm the numeruous sacrifices made by my mum before leaving this vain world. I pray to Allah to have mercy on her and make her grave a garden from the gardens of paradise. As I pray for my mum I pray for my dad too and all your beloved dead ones. Ameen

  • GSalam Writer

    Habibi Abu Bilal,
    Mums are non-replaceable, no matter who they are and how they might treat their children… May Allah bless those of them who are still alive and bestow His forgiveness of those He has chosen to be by His side. Ameen 🙂